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| live well | play fair | be authentic | bring joy | 

Our values are very much the product of our upbringing by parents and grandparents who endured the deprivations of war. They taught us to appreciate, and to take comfort from, life's pleasures: love and beauty, nature and art, family and friends, home and food.

Our aim is to make products whose strong design and fine craftsmanship enhance the ambience and esprit of the home. After all, it's where you spend much of your time, where you relax and renew, and where you entertain. 

Our products are designed by us and made locally using natural materials. We strive to create beautiful and useful products while minimizing environmental harm.

Five percent of our profits each year we contribute to local charities that promote self-sufficiency, reduce poverty and encourage well-being.

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 Our office, studio and world headquarters
Our office

A little bit about us...

Born in Provence and raised in Toronto, Christine Tatilon returned as a teenager to Marseilles where she developed a keen eye for detail and poetic artistry. In 2007, bolstered by over 15 years working as a graphic designer, Christine decided to make the permanent move to Toronto to pursue a career as an illustrator. A freelance graphic artist, Christine has made her mark in educational publishing, conceiving the layouts and illustrations for more than 30 children's books. She regularly creates visual concepts and designs book covers for les Éditions du Gref and has lent her talent to Toronto's Théâtre français, creating publicity material for their youth programs. A mother of four, Christine is ever dynamic, enthusiastic and full of ideas.

Marc Reppin has worked in the digital space for 20 years, developing and executing digital strategy for well-known Canadian and global brands. His experience includes web and mobile product adaptation, inbound marketing and ecommerce. His European parentage has driven his passion for travel, which has taken him to 24 countries and has inspired his appreciation for simple, clever and eye-catching design. Marc lives in Toronto with his wife and two children.