7 Citrus-inspired spring tablescapes

February 26, 2016

Nothing says spring like the return to patio entertaining. Even if there's still a chill in the air, these ideas from our À Table! Pinterest board can celebrate the new season both inside and out.

Sunny country kitchen


This breakfast setting is so warm and inviting you may find yourself lingering. The picnic table, stool and armoire keep the space friendly and informal while pops of yellow add a sunny disposition.

A bold declaration


The dramatic orange table runner is the showstopper here. Paired with lilac and pink, this tablescape -- for a child's birthday party no less -- is spring incarnate. 

Soft and sweet


The wonderfully muted palate and overall ambience really feel like lazy days are here again. The use of colour -- the lemon Windsor chairs, the wildflowers, the green-glass bottles -- is subtle yet sublime. 


Simple sophistication


Simple colour palettes can be used everywhere and anywhere. This time an informal dining space with a rustic light-wood table and antique chair is matched with a fabulous crystal chandelier and powder blue pillows and window coverings. Even the centerpieces are a study in contrast -- lemons in a ruffled bowl and tulips in square glass vases. 

Natural selection

Contrasting colours always make a statement, but it's the natural elements that make it at one with the outdoors, from the foliage plates and marble tabletop to the woven rug and wooden stools. 

Citrus and berries


Food as art? This delightful outdoor setting features olive garland and mixed fruit along the length of the rustic table. A delightful citrus punch to an otherwise muted look.

Minimalist buffet


This approach to assigned seating is both clever and fun. Love how the flower selection, from the orange poppies to the pink rose and the yellow tulip, adds pops of citrusy colour.


Some citrus-inspired ideas from our Tutti Frutti Collection...

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