8 Mother's Day Gift Ideas the Etsy Way

April 24, 2015

Mother's Day message at the dinner table

Nothing beats homemade when it comes to the best gifts for Mother’s Day. But if you don't have the time or inclination, then giving someone else's homemade creation is the next best thing. With that in mind, here are some of our favorite gift ideas from the talented folks at Etsy:

Mint, Coral, Teal and Red Heart Bowls

by Rossella of RossLab

Mint, Coral, Teal, Red Heart Bowls

Why we like it: This lovely four-bowl set features  hearts in bright teal, coral, red, and mint on the outside and are glazed the matching hue on the inside. Ideal for dips, sauces, cooking prep or floating blossoms or tea lights.


Say What You Want To Say Bracelets

by SimaG of SimaG Jewelry

Say What You Want To Say Bracelets 

Why we like it: These minimalist sterling-silver bangles can be personalized with heartfelt thoughts up to 20-characters long  think words like “generous” or “beautiful.” Not enough room? Order several and group those thoughts along Mom's wrist.


La tourtière d'Annette Pie Plate

by Edith Bourgault of ArtetManufacture

La tourtière d'Annette Pie Plate

Why we like it: The simple blue on white pattern, the crinoline edging and the French Canadian heritage make this tourtière plate a welcomed gift. While of course it is intended for tourtière  a meat pie with roots in French Canada and northern New England  it can certainly be used for tarts, pies and quiches.


Colorblock Waves Silk Scarf

by Kristen of KristenRenner

Colorblock Waves Silk Scarf 

Why we like it: This stunning square scarf is as versatile as it is beautiful. Digitally printed with eco-friendly inks, the wave pattern will have Mom dreaming of a trip to the coast – and since you bestowed the gift, maybe she’ll even bring you along.


Nautical Beach Tote Yellow Stripes

by Nancy of maggieanns

 Nautical Beach Tote Yellow Stripes

Why we like it: Everything about this delightful tote says summer – its beach persona, its sunny-yellow nautical stripes, its outdoor fabric and its waterproof lining. The oversize grommets, inside pockets, and complementary-color straps are nice added touches.


Lavender Gift Box

by Lydia of WEBAnaturalproducts

Lavender Gift Box by Lydia of WEBAnaturalproducts 

Why we like it: Christine has a soft spot for lavender, having grown up in Provence and all. With two lavender sachets, a handmade lavender scented bar soap, and one lavender-and-tea-tree body balm, the south of France is right at your fingertips.


Macarons Gift Box

by Kathryn and Krystal of BisouBisou Macarons

Macaroons Gift Box by BisouBisou Macarons

Why we like it: If you know how difficult it is to make macarons, then you also know what a treat they are to receive. Elegant and, ahem, tasteful,the box of 10 includes two of each flavor: Vanilla-Rose, Raspberry, Red Velvet, Vanilla and Strawberry macarons. (U.S. only.)


Strawberry Cloth Napkins

by Christine T. of AniZet Designs

Strawberry Cloth Napkins by Christine T. of AniZet Designs

Why we like it: Well, we created them. But beyond the obvious, the eye-catching red and pink design will draw closer inspection when folded alongside that special homecooked meal you made for Mom. But we’re pretty sure they’ll look just as nice if you order in. 


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