10 Pinterest Boards for Valentine's Inspiration

January 29, 2015

10 Pinterest Boards for Valentine's Inspiration

We're so tired of dime-a-dozen Valentine's Day tokens that scream last-minute run to the grocery store rather than offer a heartfelt display affection. We're taking the holiday back with these inspiring Pinterest Boards that get it right:

Saint-Valentin, by Régal
Why we like it: Régal is a French magazine dedicated  to "tous les plaisirs de la table" and it shows. We want to savour each and every last one of these 55 exquisite confections -- from heart-shaped roasted potatoes to the red apple/green heart.

Régal's "Saint-Valentin" Pinterest board cover image

My Shabby Valentine, by Lesta
Why we like it: A wonderfully eclectic take on valentine; only 143 pins, but the soft palette of flowing dresses, girly accessories and big-screen romantic icons make us swoon.

Lesta's "My Shabby Valentine" Pinterest board cover image

Walking in the rain in Paris, by Edmund Fellinger
Why we like it: What could be more romantic than wandering through Paris in the rain? These photos capture the city of lights at its loveliest.

"Walking in the rain in Paris" Pinterest board cover image

Dried Roses, by Penny Clark

Why we like it: There's something melancholic about dried flowers -- they remind us of the fragility of life and the passing of time. Yet the faded hues and weathered petals create their own beauty, so wonderfully displayed here.

Penny Clark's "Dried Roses" Pinterest board cover image  

Pink, by Masja's Artwork
Why we like it: Pink is the colour of unconditional love, and Masja Van Den Berg's board offers a wonderfully varied selection of pink wallpaper and fabric patterns. Few hearts here, but no matter -- from 18th-century French woven damasks to patterns by 1960s mod icon Lilly Pulitzer, we're pretty sure your own heart will be all aflutter.

Masja van den Berg's "Pink" Pinterest board cover image

Love Love Love, by Michiko M
Why we like it: The best gift your valentine can receive this holiday -- or any day of the week -- doesn't cost  a cent:  a kiss, a hug, a laugh, a stolen moment together. Michiko M's photo board captures just such simple displays of affection through different kinds of love and moods that colour intimate relationships over time.

Michiko M's "Love Love Love" Pinterest board cover image

Valentine Street Art, by Elizabeth Crombie
Why we like it: Love is just around the corner in this fantastic collection of street art showcasing matters of the heart.  There are only 20 pins, but they are powerful.

Elizabeth Crombie's "valentine street art" Pinterest board cover image

Hearts, by Amy Eshelman
Why we like it: Speaking of love where you least expect it, this board's collection of antique hearts -- from maple sugar moulds to homestead pillows and vintage quilts is, quite simply, stunning.

Amy Eshelman's "Hearts" Pinterest board cover image

Romantic Places, by Crystal Memmott
Why we like it: We're not saying you have to spend a fortune to show your love, but if that was already the plan, these beautiful location shots from around the world are all the inspiration you need. We're partial to snuggling in an igloo under the Northern Lights and lying on a beach in Tahiti, but we're not picky.

Crystal Memmott's "ROMANTIC Places" Pinterest board cover image

Love is in the air..., by AniZet Designs
Why we like it: Well, we created it! Christine's collection of all things heart-shaped is a charming mix of crafts, nature, baking and home decor.  We're sure you'll leave with an idea or two of your own.

AniZet Designs' "Love is in the air..." Pinterest board cover image

Have a favorite board that inspires you? Tell us in the comments!





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