8 great fabrics at the 2014 One of A Kind Christmas Show & Sale

November 28, 2014

One of my favorite events of the year started Thursday: The One of a Kind Show & Sale. What was once a small craft show has in almost 40 years blossomed into a twice-yearly blockbuster exhibition of home decor, clothing and culinary creations from more than 800 of Canada's finest artisans and designers. This fabulous event is timed perfectly – cross loved ones off your gift list as you roam the booths bursting with unique and finely crafted gifts.

Here, my rundown of 8 favorite fabric picks from this year's Christmas event.

Linen Canvas Storage Bin by Nipagandhi

Tulip storage binNipagandhi

Tulips always make me smile, but Nipagandhi's vibrant multicoloured pattern is definitely something to behold. That the tulips adorn a storage bin may just make cleaning up a cheerier task.

 Waves batik napkins by Objective

Waves batik napkins (Set of 4), Objective

I love how this abstract wave pattern evokes the sea and yet stays away from the standard colours you'd associate with such a theme. Instead, Objective goes bold with simple yet striking black on white.

Confetti napkins by Avril Loreti

Confetti napkins, Avril Loreti

Sometimes simple is best. This pattern is bright without being overbearing. The confetti is random and out of focus, a nice nod to upcoming holiday parties.

Muskoka Lakes pillow by County Cupboard Vintage Canadian Maps

Muskoka Lakes vintage map pillow, County Cupboard Vintage Canadian Map Pillows

Okay, I'll say right now that Helen is a good friend of mine, but even if she wasn't, I'd still pick her cottage country map pillows for a home decor "best of" list. The vintage maps are eye catching and are just as well suited to a wicker chair overlooking the lake as they are to a modern chaise in a downtown condo.

Orange Treehouses Blanket by Jenna Rose

Orange Tree Houses organic cotton blanket, Jenna Rose

I always keep a lookout for Jenna Rose when I head to the One of a Kind Show. Her screen-printed fabrics are so soft and cuddly, I just want to curl up right there and then. But that would look silly. One product I've been eyeing is her tree house blanket – there's just something magical about a place of one's own high above the bustle of everyday life.

Yellow Petals pillow by Senay Studio

Yellow Petals pillow, Senay Studio

When I look at this pillow, I imagine the wind blowing the mustard yellow petals across a rolling green hillside. But that's just me. That's the power of an abstract design, and Senay Guler does it oh so well.

Life's Soundtrack tea towels by Kempton Jones

Life's Soundtrack tea towels, Kempton Jones

Michelle is another friend of mine, and she's brilliant. I've never seen anything like her soundtrack tea towels – everyday sounds – think bacon frying or a pet cat purring – translated into soundwaves. They're punchy and just plain cool.   

Untitled, Flying Geese Variation quilt, Lindsay Stead

I'm a sucker for quilts and the eye-catching two-tone designs of Lindsay Stead's works are enough to make me stop and stare. They're minimal, unpretentious and yet ever-so powerful. The flying geese quilt is a perfect case in point: one shape, two colours, infinite beauty.


Did I miss one of your favorites? Tell me in the comments below, thanks!



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