6 tips for decorating a child’s room

October 22, 2014

Are you irked by all the licensed characters emblazoned on bedding, lampshades, area rugs – even paint names? While it’s wonderful to cater to a child’s whimsy of the moment, changing their bedroom with every new fad or obsession can be maddening, not to mention expensive and time-consuming. When decorating a child’s room stick to fun and functional. Everything else will fall into place, even that Disney princess doll.

1. Involve the kids
It is their room after all. Do they have a favourite colour? Great. This doesn’t mean you’ll necessarily paint the walls purple (please don’t), but it does give you a starting point. Like your furnishings, you want to choose a colour with long-term commitment in mind. For a great selection of paint colours that will last longer than that Thomas the Train set, try House Beautiful. Are they really into sports? Keep an eye out for cool vintage items like old baseballs or magazine covers to dress up the walls.

2. Find your aha moment
There are millions of paint colours and there is no doubt you will find the right hue for your child’s room. But what you need to do before rolling those walls with paint is find that one amazing piece that you’ll want to build around. It may be the perfect quilt, or a punchy decorative pillow, or a colourful area rug. Once you have that aha piece, shop for the other larger-scale complementary accessories, place them all together in the room, then pull out the paint swatches.

3. Make space for collections
Books, Lego sets, sports trophies, stuffed animals all take up valuable space. Give collections a home by setting up a bookcase, mounting multiple shelves on a single wall or around the room, placing a large basket for dolls in a corner or affixing sports display racks.

4. Storage, storage, storage
Kids have stuff. Lots of stuff. We’re not sure where it all comes from either, but it amasses in their rooms, notably on the floor. If you want your children to clean up, there needs to be a place (or multiple places) for the stuff to go. Think closet system, storage bench, bookshelves with fitted baskets, and coat rack for worn but not dirty clothes.

5. Let there be light
Bedrooms should have multiple lighting sources: a desk lamp by which to do homework, a reading light on a night table and overhead lighting for general ambience. Some of our favourite lights right now include the whimsical yet elegant Roxy Russell Medusae collection, the upcycled drum pendant lamp and multi-globe chandelier.

6. Unleash their creativity
Kids are so proud when they see their artwork on the walls. If your children are coming home with armloads of masterworks from school, be sure to hang favourites in frames, along a gallery-style wire, or on a corkboard wall and rotate them often. To keep the creative mind at work, cover an area with a complementary-colour chalkboard paint for daily doodles or hand over wall art decals to dress up walls without doing any damage – just peel, stick, move, repeat to their little hearts’ content and come up with a new scene at will.

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