What circus animal are you?

July 08, 2014

Everyone loves the circus — and everyone loves a quiz!

In honour of our first collection, the colourful cast of circus animal prints and decals, we thought we'd create a fun feature to match the playfulness of our illustrations.

So, what circus animal are you most like? Take the quiz to find out.

  1. When preparing a menu, you prefer:
    1. Steak
    2. Fruit salad
    3. A leafy salad
    4. Fish
    5. Oatmeal
    6. Greens
  2. Your preferred Sunday afternoon activity is:
    1. Taking a nap
    2. Hanging out with friends and family
    3. Going for a stroll
    4. Hiking solo
    5. Whatever you're in the mood for
    6. Lying on the beach
  3. When in a confrontation, you tend to:
    1. Stand up for what you believe
    2. Be emotional and empathetic
    3. Find a peaceful solution
    4. Fight to the death if it means saving someone from danger
    5. Make lots of faces
    6. Depends – if you're in your element you'll fight hard; if not, you'll run away.
  4. If you could be anything or anyone, you'd choose:
    1. Royalty or celebrity
    2. Weightlifter
    3. Something unique
    4. Parent
    5. Therapist
    6. Swim teacher
  5. When you meet someone, you:
    1. Hug them
    2. Relive old memories
    3. Either ignore them or punch them
    4. Shake hands
    5. Say "hey"
    6. Grunt an acknowledgment
  6. Where would you most like to travel to?:
    1. Egypt
    2. India
    3. Africa
    4. Russia, Germany or maybe Finland
    5. China
    6. Greece

If you chose mostly As: You are a lion. The king of the jungle likes to be the star attraction, grooms his mane to help him appear larger and more intimidating, and is revered by Ancient Egyptians (hello Sphinx). Lions are strong and courageous, live in close groups, and greet each other by nuzzling. Lions love their meat and lazing about some 20 hours a day.

If you chose mostly Bs: You are an elephant. This herbivore feasts on bark, roots, grasses and fruit. Elephants are highly sociable and live in family groups. They have great memories, can recognize themselves in a mirror and are super strong — the trunk has some 100,000 muscles and is used for everything from smelling and drinking to lifting and grabbing.  Elephants are revered in India  and are symbols of wisdom and good fortune. 

If you chose mostly Cs: You are a giraffe. This herbivore adores eating leaves and buds, especially from acacia trees. They spend most of their time grazing, standing and walking — they sleep only 10 minutes to 2 hours a day. These peaceful animals rarely fight, though upon encountering another giraffe they may butt necks if a female is involved. Each giraffe's spot pattern is unique, and the animal can be found almost all over the African continent, from Niger to Somalia, from Chad to South Africa.

If you chose mostly Ds: You are a bear. This fish-loving animal is the national personification of not one but three countries — Russia, Germany and Finland. Although solitary animals when they get older, bear cubs love to play and will greet each other with a friendly handshake. A mother bear will risk her life to save her children, thus bears are a symbol of love and protectiveness.

If you chose mostly Es: You are a horse. One of the twelve Chinese symbols of the zodiac, horses are independent, free-spirited and hate to be tied down. They whinny or neigh when they meet another horse and they'll use their eyes, ears and nostrils to express their moods and communicate their feelings. When it comes to nutrition, oats are the grain of choice, along with grass and legume hays. Equine-assisted therapy is being developed to treat human mental health issues.

If you chose mostly Fs: You are a hippopotamus. The name comes from the Greek for water horse and in water hippos are most happy — they'll sleep, reproduce and give birth under water. When confronted by an enemy, a hippo will fight fiercely if in water, but run for water if on land. When not in the water, hippos bask on the shore (they have a natural sunblock) and search out their hefty meal of choice — up to 68 kg of grass per day. 

Thanks to the following references:
National Geographic
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